Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013 
        I hope and pray you understand that not only is the mission different than what I expected, its a thousand times better!! and I wouldn't ever even hope for anything else. I hope you know that when I have hard times, I am never sad, ever. The mission is so much fun, a complete blast and adventure!  I love to serve the Lord and do all I can.  My ability to smile and have joy increases every day as I obey and become more like Heavenly Father, even though it is so very much little by little and will take longer than this life permits, I have never been happier, ever. I cannot express a portion of my feelings and my joy and experiences in English or Tagalog but that doesn't matter so much because Christ knows what I am feeling and understands me and loves me perfectly:)
This week was totally amazing. There is no greater joy than stepping outside the apartment to go and serve and administer and bless our fellow brothers and sisters and love like none other. I love so much the Book of Mormon and I gained an extra special witness of its truthfulness as I read and read and read because my companion is still sick.  But we must not be idle and waste the time of the Lord so read I did, haha. Wow its was so so so amazing:) I felt I was really there and was totally lost inside the Book of Mormon and wow that is such a good place to get lost. I came to know my Savior more and how He knows all of us so individually and His power to redeem and forgive and oh how often he spares those who repent. The Lamanite nation had been murdering and plundering and killing since the beginning but even though all that, when they repented the plan of redemption did take effect in their lives. It says they were the most wicked of sinners and then in the same chapter, Alma 26, it says that there has not been a people that loved God and their fellow brethren than these. Wow how great the power of the atonement is, we underestimate it so much especially in our own lives to forgive ourselves and others and repent with our all; to bury our weapons of rebellion deep in the earth. Some times we are as Laman and Lemuel or even Lehi when Nephi broke his bow; we get really discouraged when we sin and complain about our weaknesses and frailties, but Nephi didn't worry or murmur, he just made a new bow and did the best he could to make things better, even it that meant painful but needed repentance. Some people might say they cannot bury them, it's too late, or they cant forgive themselves or for whatever reason its hard.  But it doesn't matter how hard it is, what matters is that it's possible, that the atonement is that powerful and we can change, and are never doomed to be a certain way, or permanently stained, the Lord can do it all, one size fits all:)
Oh and I would like to tell you that I am training and tomorrow I will get my trainee:)  I am excited because I know I will learn so much from him and I love going back to the basics because it is the basics that are the foundation of further growth:) I love this so much!!! In the name of Jesus Christ amen:) 

-Elder Blackham 

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