Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30, 2013

So this week was pretty awesome and sad.  Sad because I will miss Elder Fisher but happy because my new comp Elder Afu is awesome too. 

The flood just keeps rising and the lake keeps rising. I am taking boats and walking on bamboo bridges to get to people when before I walked on dry ground. SO, that's fun and we are so out of time. We never have enough time to visit everyone so it is going to take some serious fasting and praying and help to know how to use the most precious and sacred time here to its fullest capacity. I talk like a New Zealander now because of my companion's accent. I accidentally get it sometimes. The best burger place in the Philippines is this place called H.I.D. Burger, just some random information.

This week in our teaching we started reading the Book of Mormon with lots of the less active families and it went so well. We just started with the introduction and and just kept going and the spirit filled the room so strong that we just kept on reading when the plan was only to read a little bit we actually read a chapter. The spirit that comes with it is so strong. I asked one man who had not been to church in ten years about how he feels about the Book of Mormon; he said that he totally forgot what was inside but that he will never forget that every time he opened it and started reading it he felt such a great peace and the power of God:) They went to church and they were so happy to start doing those things as a family again:) 

If we are ever feeling alone or down or anything it usually is a big indication that we are just really hungry. hungry for spiritual nourishment from the Lord, and its about time to have a feast. Everyone loves feasts, I mean the word itself is pretty cool:) 

I am so happy to be here in the Philippines Quezon City Mission:)

Love, Elder Blackham

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