Sunday, December 2, 2012

November 26, 2012

SO my new companion is amazing and an answer to my prayers:) He is dedicated to the work and we will accomplish so much together!!! 
So about the two little girls they did not go to sacrament two weeks in a row so we need to move the date and everything, we are really praying and trying to get the parents to listen. Here in the Philippines being baptized isn't as big of a deal. I don't think that people understand the covenant of baptism. People are really open about religion and everyone will say they believe in Christ even if they truly don't  Its a cultural thing to believe it. That is why the restoration is so important and the first thing we teach. The people here will be baptized if you ask because they really want to please everyone. So discernment is essential to know if people are really interested or not, or if they understand things. 

So that is hard but I am focusing so hard on what I feel when people speak to me, and not so much what they day. We are working our tails off out there, but it is so amazing. I love to bear my testimony to so many people in one day. Its hard to be leading the area now but I feel the Lord strengthen me. Opening an area is so much fun!!! Talking with everyone and declaring the gospel to all!!

 Right now i am in a ward, a very active and great ward:) They all can speak English but I am trying to learn Tagalog. When you speak English it goes through their head and then their heart.  But when you speak Tagalog it goes straight to the heart. My goal is to really learn how to break barriers with people and truly communicate with them, to truly understand them and what they say in their heart instead of just saying what they think we want to hear. I so badly, I just..... I cant express to you how bad I want the words to sink in their heart. 

This work is so hard, but I can't help but to rejoice. There is a saying that you can't grow in a comfort zone.  Well I am the least comfortable I have ever been in my whole life! But i am the happiest!:) I love president Eyring's talk about the pavilion that separates us from God. Its so important that we stop and seek out all the pavilions in our life that are separating us from God. Every single one, small or great. I recognized a lot this week and I am so grateful for it because now I can't ever not smile. It's hard to recognize pavilions that we put up because of our pride but oh how amazing it is to repent of even little things and become more like Christ and come closer to Heavenly Father.  I don't feel alone one bit:)
 Elder Blackham:) 
P.S. Missionary work is hard haha. 

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