Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 19, 2012

The people here are so giving:) They don't eat until after you have eaten when they give you food and they just eat the left overs. I am so impressed with their willingness to give. I am so grateful to be here in the Philippines, I am so happy!!! I am too blessed really. I am so grateful that the Lord does not hide from us:) I feel the Spirit testifying that I am doing whats right as I walk and speak with others about the Gospel. Transfers are tomorrow so I will have a new companion tomorrow. I am so blessed to be doing the most important work in the World and I am learning to rely on the Lord more. I learned a ton more about grace this week and relying on Him:) The language is coming better and I am more able to connect and love people. If anyone calls me a name I make it a point to go and speak with them:) I learned that most people are intimidated by me, and that was something I didn't understand before. Its very important to be sincere and share your heart, look them in the eyes and be there:) I love the Lord and I cant wait to start this next transfer and work even harder and do even more!! I refuse to give anything less than my best, which really is so insignificant but the Lord is perfect when He is my strength my strength is infinite:)
Happy Thanksgiving:) 

Elder Blackham
P.S. Oh by the way my mission is being extended two weeks because of the change of ages.

P.P.S. I am grateful for the desire the Lord gives me to serve Him and to learn. I am so grateful for the discernment He gives me:) For flowers:) Clouds:) smiling. The Holy Ghost:) My feet:) My companion:) My savior:) The priceless gift of salvation:) The plan of salvation:) Repentance and gratitude:) I am grateful for Nonnie:)   I am grateful for Mom and that I am in the covenant:) That I wake up everyday and I am a servant of the Lord:) This is the best:) I am grateful for rain, for the sun for the Filipino people, for food, for water, for cold showers in a hot and humid place, for filters so we can drink water, for clothes, for prayer:) for the Love of the Lord:) For my name tag:) For music... May the list go on:) Poppie who is a righteous example:) Guidance from the Lord:) opportunities to serve. For the Mysons and all my family and friends and for being able to e-mail you:)

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