Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 8, 1013

So as far as this week goes I am getting transfered for the very first time. That is pretty crazy for me cause idk its just new to me haha but i am so happy, it really is impossible to not be happy if your serving the Lord with all you got, your worries, fears, and even weaknesses turn into strengths. I do not know where I am transferring but I will get to tell you next week. We did not have general conference yet because we are 14 hours ahead on time so we will have it this weekened and I am so excited to listen to God speak to be personally through His ordained and called servants:) One thing that I have noticed this week is the power of integrity faith, by simply doing what you know and feel is right you will rise up to the next level of what the lord wants you to be and He will be able to trust you and give you the ability and capability to do those things even if you have never done it before or wether it requires a miracle. Miracles and the normal result of faith in the correct principles:) 

I must share that I love testifying of the atonement of Jesus CHrist:) A less active shared that he feels that his most is not good enough, but I loved to testify that our best is always good enough for the Lord, that the power of the atonement is infinite. then i ask what does infinite mean, it means without boundaries or compulsory means that absolutely nothing can stop it, no matter what, it means nothing is impossible, its not just infinite in time but also depth and height and space, we are never too low for the atonement to lift us up,  it is perfect and therefore we cannot say it does not work for me, because that is God's whole work and glory is for us to become like Him to be clean and overcome and endure to the end:) The atonement makes life perfectly fair, we have all the power of the atonement to overcome:)

Love, Elder Blackham

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