Saturday, April 6, 2013

March 25, 2013

This week was awesome, a lot of growth and learning that I am so grateful to the Lord for the trials that are hand crafted for me to make me stronger:) I love testifying to people of the truth and this week I learned to be more bold and more zealous in my preaching and sharing of the gospel with others:) I also learned the powerful affect of testifying and I am  learning a lot more how to present the message of the gospel in a way that people can make a clear decision. In preach my gospel chapter 1 under a successful missionary it says that your responsibility is to teach clearly so that people can make the right choice.   

I also learned more how to trust in the spirit and to follow promptings with out delay. I am recognizing more the language of the spirit and how He speaks to me:) I always am making sure that I have a way to record prompting and when I end my prayers I wait and listen with a pen and paper in hand. Paying attention with extra effort and obeying all the commandments with more desire and striving has caused me to recognize that the spirit speaks to all of us so much more that we realize. When it says "constant companion" it doesn't mean sometimes. it means all the time and so long as we are keeping all the commandments we need not fear or worry that He is there. I found myself quite surprised at how talkative the Holy Ghost is, I testify He really does care about us and know all of our thoughts desires and weaknesses and is always sending messages to help us when we listen and allow him to be there by our righteousness:) I testify that as we obey with our all, continually repent and have faith in Christ, and it must be in Christ, we will have no worries and you will be able to be confident and be the person you want to be.You will have the Holy Ghost as your constant companion and you will wonder if life could ever be so amazing:)  With the spirit you need not wonder if your doing whats right or if your cool or if your in the right place or if your clean, with the spirit you know that you are and that this is whats right and that you are loved and, wow its just such an amazing gift, an unspeakable gift. If we always strive for this gift we will not go wrong because you can only have it if your doing whats right:) 

This week we found new less active members and many miracles and people bumping into us in the street and then giving us refferals. I know that is a natural result of praying and fasting and obeying to have miracles happen to us. 

I also drank milk!!!!!!!! Real milk!  They only have powdered milk here but there was a family that had real 2% milk and I almost cried,not really but seriously it was amazing.  The Lord gives tender mercies all the time:) 

It turns out I will have a scar on my eye but it does look really cool and I will be grateful for it and always remember my mission every time I see it.  

Love, Elder Blackham 

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