Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 2, 2013

Things continue to be great!! Elder Fisher is from Clearfield, Utah. As of right now our teaching schedule is full all the time and we get to meet so many people and you always find new people when you are looking for people. 

Funny thing that happened is that Elder Fisher and I made 20 liters of home made egg nog,  haha. We have been drinking it all the time and call it "The Brew." Dad sent me some nut meg a while back and I thought I would never use it because I had no idea what it was, haha. But now I am really glad he sent it because you need it for egg nog:) 

It's not flooding here right now but the bay is still raising and we had to take a boat to get to someones house that normally we walk to haha. The water from other floods continues to drain into it.

We have some awesome investigators that really want to change their lives. A couple of them discovered the power of repentance and forgiveness in their lives this last week as they kept the commitment to repent and to read the assigned scriptures that were given about repentance and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was such a great experience to see the joy in their eyes and how they described their experience. They felt a burden taken away that before they never knew how to remove it. The Plan of Salvation finally clicked for another family we are teaching.  They see the bigger picture now and it gives them comfort and peace to know the plan of God and they never need wonder the question "why" when life's trials and storms rage against them, but rather what am I to learn and how will this bring me closer to God?

As I have pondered lately the work of God, I have discovered more the love He has for me and all of us. In Moses 1:39, Moroni 10:32-33. I realized, or came to the conclusion, that God's entire work is us. Meaning that when I wake up in the morning and wonder what God is doing; I know for sure that He is working on my eternal life and the eternal life and happiness of everyone else. We are always on His mind, not only when we pray or not only most of the time but always. He is the great sculptor and we are His masterpiece, he gives us trials to chisel away the rough edges and sometimes great ones to remove chunks of stone, He gives us families and angels to strengthen the weak parts. All while we walk and talk and go throughout our day He is working on us trying to get us to become like Christ. It is what He does, it is His great accomplishments and joys is when we are exalted and worthy for His kingdom. Everything is put in our favor to become and He is doing all He can.  But in the end it is up to us to be sculptable, willing to change. It just kind of sunk deeper the Love of God for me in that I am His work and His Glory. As are all of us. It is just great to think about it and ponder:) 

Elder Blackham

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