Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 9, 2013

This week was great!! I am learning a lot about myself which allows me to improve myself and use the atonement to help me overcome my weaknesses. I just keep having a blast here and can't stop smiling as long as I remember why I am here:) The members in this ward are so much fun!

Our zone covers a couple cities here too. As I review all the things that happen over the last week, every time I write home I find myself laughing as the events flash by like little movie clips in my head. It's even more funny when you are an English speaker because lots of times the translation is funnier than the actual meaning. For example if I wanted to insult some one here I would say,  "Makapal ang mukha mo," which in translation is:  "Your face is thick!" Haha. Lots of people here have fake arguments to make life more interesting so its pretty funny to watch.

This week as I was studying faith in Christ in the attributes section of Preach My Gospel it talks about how part of faith in Christ is accepting Him as your Savior. That really stood out to me because many people will claim to believe that Christ is the Savior but there is a difference between knowing that He is the Savior and knowing that He is your savior. One believes that He payed for the sins for their personal sins. One of them has a personal relationship with the Savior while the other has not yet partaken of the personal Joy or understands that their personal sins and mistakes have also been covered in the payment.  The difference is in the application. Because it feels different when you say it the different ways and ponder on the understanding of Christs personal understanding of you. Some times we get discouraged or casual and say yea He is the Savior and forget that we are included in the ones He is saving. Our personal faith, is the difference. We have heard or seen it make a difference in the lives of  others or I have seen it effect those I teach but we have seen it and we need to have faith that it works on us too:)
My Favorite investigators are these two sisters that are keeping their commitments and feeling the change in their life and the effect of the atonement. I love to listen to them discover the gospel for the first time and describe their feelings as they read and apply what they learn; they just want to learn more and more. They feel like they discovered a treasure that's priceless and bottomless treasure chest and as they continue to learn it just gets better and better. I think we need to study the gospel like that and discover and rediscover how amazing it is by simply living what we learn:)
Elder Blackham

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