Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 10, 2014

Things are going great! I am sorry I wasn't able to get you this e-mail sooner, I just have no time haha. 

This week we were in the mountains of Antipolo and of Cogeo. It is so beautiful up there and the work is progressing in that area of our mission. We had such a great time. When teaching the gospel to others there is this special feeling that is so contagious and powerful that feels like you are so happy that you are floating. All of the stress of anything goes away and its just pure, and light and joy:) 

I always like to interview the missionaries, I go on exchanges with, because I feel like there is a special bond and ability to administer and serve others when you just have a simple heart to heart. I love to get to know them better. 

This week I learned a special lesson about being believing and how much joy comes when you are a believer. Believing that your leaders are called of God, believing that you can be better than you are, believing in all good things, like that things will be better as we learn that God will help us in this.  Believing really causes you to rejoice. It reminds me of the blind and deaf man that President Monson spoke with that said, "The Lord has been so good to me." He could not see nor hear but yet he says that the Lord has been so good to Him. When we are believing and hoping all things as it says about the Christlike attribute charity, it will be so much easier to endure all things. There is this special spirit that comes when you believe that the Lord has been with you this whole time and  that the reason we are still alive is because He is watching over us; it's not just luck or coincidence that we breath a breath every new day. I feel that sometimes on my mission I get down and wish I could do more but then I look back with a believing heart and forward with hope and then I say in my heart, "Oh how the Lord has been so good to me:)" That little change of thought and perspective changes the whole world, because we begin to see it the way that God does. I am so amazed at how large the change is in someone's life when they simply believe and view all things with a believing heart. 

In missionary work, when you speak with people and believe that they are children of God, believe that this is what they are searching for and what they were taught in the pre-mortal life,  believe that God loves them and believe that the gospel you are teaching will heal any and every broken heart and is the answer to all their questions, believe you are teaching them the very way back to our Father in Heaven and the most important and precious things we can possibly discover; then oh how beautiful the world begins to look. The trees and clouds, smiling faces; the joy begins to open itself up unto you. Then to think that our Savior Jesus Christ Atoned so that we can live and return to an even better world. Wow its so indescribable. I wish and I am striving to help all the missionaries catch this vision, if they did they would not be afraid to open their mouth and would know where to turn when it's hard and they wouldn't disobey. They would learn that the spirit they feel is joy and peace that only comes by the Holy Ghost and that this is everything that we say it really is. and if "...for it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief , and all is vain." Moroni 7:37.

There are just so many people to teach and when you think and believe that there are, then you will find them. But if you don't believe that there are so many people to teach then you will not find them. It's amazing the difference it makes to be a believer :) 

Love Elder Blackham 

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