Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3, 2014

I am pretty excited about my last transfer.  I will get to see more of my mission now.  But I miss my old  area so much.  I miss the Nebit family, they were all baptized and confirmed:) Also the Pimentel family and the Kapoy family they will both be baptized as families pretty soon here. Wow I have seen the Lord's hand so much on my mission. He has really blessed us more than I can imagine:) 

This last week was a blast:) I love to personally serve and get to know all of the missionaries. 

This week we went to Tayuman, Angono, and Cainta to do exchanges and Cubao, it was so much fun:) I loved getting to know the missionaries and I love treating their areas as if it were my own because all of their areas are my areas too :) Its funny because sometimes you don't open your mouth as a missionary because you think, "I am not in my area." But now I never have that excuse and I love that haha. I get to meet so many people everyday, the more people I know and share the gospel with in the day and the more missionaries I meet and learn to love; the happier I am. I am really pushing myself to share and it's now not a scary thing to talk to others but a joy. I purposely put myself in situations now that allow me to talk to people like on jeepnees and trikes and just walking down the street, I feel like it is a great blessing that I do not naturally have, normally its nervous and scary even for a missionary.   I just love that every day is a working day and I dont have to be in the office haha. I seriously thank the Lord every night that I dont have to be in the office and that I get to be out working everyday.  I am actually the one who learns the most from all of the Elders I serve and their investigators.

One of their investigators in Tayuman asked  how to keep all the commandments. At first I didn't know how to answer him, but then we shared the scripture in 1 Nephi 3:7 and the spirit helped me explain a simple doctrine of faith that I have never really been able to explain very well. I told Him that the very moment that we believe that we can keep those hard commandments, or even all the commandments, is the very moment that you will be able to begin keeping them:)
Our faith has a literal effect on our abilities to do things beyond what we thought we could do. Once we believe that we can it becomes a possibility;) 

The same applies to repentance and forgiveness or being happy or becoming like Jesus Christ or many other things We must never stop believing that we can, because once we stop believing that we can, that is the moment that we lose the ability to do those things we desire. This work is so amazing!  I was studying about charity too lately because it is a Christlike attribute that I am working on.  It said inTrue to the Faith that charity hopeth all things, I thought why is that so, how does hope relate to love? Then I realized that hope relates to charity in the way we look and feel about others.  We avoid judging others and sincerely just hope the best for them:) You see what they can become and hope with all your heart they will become it and also believe that they will because charity believeth all things too. Believe that people can change and believe in the potential everyone holds inside:)  

Love Elder Blackham

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