Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

This week was awesome and hard as always:) Everyday is an even more beautiful gift than the day before:) There is a homeless lady that I always smile at and she smiles back so big at me, I love to smile at her. 

The other day a guy was falling asleep on my companion in the jeepnee. That was funny because my companion was lookin at him with the weirdest face, haha. 

This week I learned a lot more about having faith in the Lord that He will fulfill His promises unto His people. I read Alma 26 and I am also reading the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon and the Lord always keeps His promises. Also Enos said that his guilt was swept away for he knew that the Lord could not lie. When we truly trust and have faith in the Lord's timing and promises then our optimism becomes wise and our fears and doubts are swept away. I have been called to serve here and nowhere else and the more I trust in that the more I worry not about my inability to speak the Language and feel the spirit burn in my heart and proclaim the gospel with the spirit. 

I also learned a ton about the spirit this week and how we must know things by the spirit for true conversion. As I looked back on my own life and really thought about my feelings, I recognized that the spirit has been every feeling of joy, every feeling of comfort and love. When I feel your love mom, I feel one reason it pierces me so deep is because the spirit testifies to me that your love is sincere and true. The spirit testifies of all truth and sincerity and I felt you really love me and always have:) 

I want so badly for this feeling to pierce the hearts of those that hear my words because then they will know that they are true. You can not deny the Holy Ghost, it is so simple and pure and true, I wonder and am amazed at how wonderful it is to have this gift, to know that the Church is true. People can say they know the church is true by experience but really they can only truly know by the spirit. The spirit is was causes faith to grow and hearts to change, it is what purifies us and makes us more fit for the Kingdom and feel closer to the Savior as we do what's right every day, and as we pray. I want the families I teach to recognize it and receive revelation then they will have more faith in Christ and that will lead to repentance which leads to a change of heart and of baptism or going to church and partaking the sacrament if they have already been baptized and then they will strive for that spirit and closeness to God to be more cleansed for the rest of their life until they enter in to live with God again:) Wow so that's one reason why the spirit is so amazing:) With out it we would be lost forever never knowing the truth and the light or where to find it.  I truly believe that the field is white already to harvest, because the Lord cannot lie and I will thrust in my sickle with all my might:) !

We have two investigators with a baptismal date; so that's awesome:) They are two little girls and they are absolute geniuses, their simple understanding overpowers almost all adults I have ever talked to, haha. My heart breaks though at the families that do not keep commitments, I can't stand to not make a difference. I can't stand wasting time, truly I am so weak and so inadequate, oh if I could speak with the tongue of angels but I do sin in my wish because I ought to be content with what the Lord has alotted me. There is such a great work to be done here. I know the Lord hears my cries, every day is a roller coaster of emotion. If only I could follow more closely in my Savior's footsteps I would be a better servant. But when I say this I do show that I must have more faith that he can make me more than I am.

I work out every morning especially because everyone says that is the hardest rule to keep in the white handbook and if I can keep that one then I can keep em all. I like that my companion is leaving, not because he's a bad companion, but because all the members are throwing big feasts for him and I get to take part in all of them! Haha:) I am learning a lot from him this week probably because I prayed to know what I need to learn from him:) 

Well mom this was my week, tell Brother Mclaws thank you so much for the letters he sends me every week. I still get dear elders. I love you and I am praying for you all the time, and the Lord keeps His promises, I promise:) 

Elder Blackham

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