Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 24, 2012

This Christmas was amazing!! I wish we could have gotten more work in, the mission rules at this time is to not work so much and be home at 7:30 every night because its dangerous, haha. People are so giving and wonderful here in the Philippines, if you are their guest you are given all they have without asking anything in return. That is the culture here and its so humbling to be in it. Lately I have just been learning a ton about Charity and how charity truly is the greatest:) I think to have charity is to think and feel as Christ does:) If we do that then we would of course act and be like him. You can act like him but to be him is greater and I think that starts in the true fabrics of our thoughts and feeling and love for Christ and submission of our will to his:) We cant just give we must love to do it to be like Christ and we do that by giving our heart to the Lord and allowing to change us. Its so so so hard but oh it is so so so so worth it. Notice how there is one more so on the worth it part:) Any ways I ate so much I feel sick, haha and I definitely feel the Love of the Lord and all who love me during this Christmas season.
Love, Elder BLackham

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