Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

We are teaching a boy named Eric thats sixteen and he loves the gospel. Its so awesome, he says he feels so so happy at church and I just love his simple acceptance and understanding of the gospel. He is getting baptized on the 16th of Feb. He asked if he can be mormon and catholic and basically I said we are adding to his knowledge of Catholicism but essentially no you cant. He said that thats not what he wanted to hear but thats totally okay with him and that that's what God wants for him. We also found a less active this week as we prayed and found inspiration to go to a specific street. We were just walking when someone yelled out "Mormons"  which actually happens a lot but we went up and talked to him. He said he was baptized in the ocean and he loves the church but didnt know where the church was when he moved here and that he has been here five years and hasnt gone to church. He said he prayed just the other night if mormon was the right church and to send missionaries to him if it is. Then the next thing he knew we showed up and now he has gone to church and is baring his testimony to everyone he meets haha. So things are going so great!! The Lord is lifting me up in every way:) So yea basically this is the best ever!!
I also have been studying diligence and have been loving it!!! It really is the way we show the Lord our true desires and give him our whole heart. It is really the secret to achieving anything we ever want whether it's serving the Lord or getting good at basketball  But serving the Lord is the best no matter what. I love to show Him that I love Him. That I am grateful and no matter how tired I am or whatever it will keep going on in the greatest cause ever:) The focus this year is establishing the priesthood here in the Philippines because establishing the priesthood establishes the church. SO now every time I see anyone that could hold the priesthood I go and talk to them and share our message. Its so much fun finding people:) It truly is an adventure:) So that's whats up this week. OH and our less actives are going to church now so that's awesome too!!
Love, Elder Blackham

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