Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

(Note from Elder Blackham's Mom:I have decided that "ha ha"  actually means...."Don't freak out mom because I know you will!" )
Dear Family,
I got stitches this week,ha ha! 7 of them on the upper left corner of my left eye, haha.  Now that's a funny story, I didn't get home from the hospital till like 2 in the morning, haha.  But don't worry, it actually looks cool and nothing is seriously wrong.  I have no problems opening my eye all the way and it's totally fine :)  What happened was that I was trying to show my Filipino roommate how to do a cross over in our apartment.  Our apartment is a little longer than arms length wide.  Haha and it turns out my comp was doing the same thing the other direction and we bumped heads really hard. He got a huge knot on his head and I got stitches cause I am taller and was hit right on that soft area right under your eyebrow. After letting my roommates try to rap it several times with zero success, which was also quite funny, I said lets just go to the hospital. It actually looked pretty cool. 

This week was just quite an adventure looking in sky scraper offices and trying to meet with councils and heads to present the message to people. We didn't really have any luck but we found out a ton of information:) So I am excited to tackle this week with all I got and just teach like a ton of people the gospel of repentance and salvation:) This is so much fun. We have to be super creative to find those leaders and such. We can't just randomly talk to them it has to be with a reason. like playing basketball, or sitting next to them at a table or asking them for directions. :) Its really fun!!:) I am really just learning to love people! It's just so much better to ask about people's life and their family and spend time with everyone than anything else I could be doing.  Every single time you talk to them the gospel naturally comes out when you ask about their family or ambition or anything:) It is so totally a way of life:)
Anyways my stomach is miraculously better:) and its awesome:) Its funny because I accidentally ate plastic this week too, haha. It has been an accident prone week, but don't worry I am very protected. by the Lord. 

Mostly this week I have been learning about the beautiful Plan of Salvation and about how real our potential is to become like Heavenly Father, through the Holy Ghost testifying of it to me. Also I am learning in more depths about the family unit in the eternities. That the family is the social unit of all eternities, that Heavenly Father is a Father and we are his children and we are just following that pattern. Then it continues to eternities and eternities bringing immortality and eternal life to all. OH what a beautiful plan. All this I learned by the spirit:)
Love, Elder Blackham

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