Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Dear Mom,

This week was pretty crazy, we found a lot of sub-division in my area with tons and tons of gigantic houses. We found some members in there that go to the foreigner ward. They gave us Mexican food which your body craves like none other here in the Philippines because everything here is so sweet and sugary. Yea we get food!!! Normally I eat canned food and rice haha so that will be a step up!! So anyway it turns out my area is a very special area because of all the subdivisions with gates and such. We will have to work off referalls and meet with subdivision councils and leaders high up in the Philippines and present presentations to them to allow us to find in these gated communities and do as much as we can. Because of the Area focus we will spend most of our time doing this. It is so exciting and fun, I feel like Ammon having the opportunity to teach king lamoni and his preists. 

So I have a new companion and his name is Elder Esteves he is a Philippino but he is from San Francisco, California. Haha He is so great! He is in his third to last transfer but its so awesome, we are best buds and yet again another comp that is an answer to my prayers, I am sure all of my comps will be that way, because the Lord will always put us in the place we can learn and grow the most:) 

This week I have been learning a lot more about the link between confidence and humility:) That sounds weird maybe to some people but humility is a deep more pure confidence that comes straight from the Lord and your testimony of Him, while other confidence could come from yourself. That is the not so great confidence because it thwarts the spirits ability to teach us and help us grow and be instruments in the hand of the Lord. I also have been learning to pay attention to the Spirit more and have had very personal witnesses of the spirit and have written down the ways I can recognize them and how it has felt so that I could recognize the spirit again and again. There has been so much revelation about the area this week and I think its mostly because I have been realizing more and more deeply my dependence on the Lord. A scripture that explains this very well is Moroni 8:26 "...and because of meekness and lowliness of heart cometh the visitation of the Holy Ghost..." :) 
The Holy Ghost has become a closer friend because I have gotten to know him more and learned more what I needed to change to hear him and recognize Him more in my life:) There truly is no greater feeling and witness.  Its as if the arms of God have come down and held me and led me and guided me and strengthened me. I feel true joy is a gift from God that is given through the Holy Ghost as we exercise our agency in righteous ways that are in line with His will. Then as we become more like Him the spirit can be with us more thus we can be more happy all the time and until we are like Him and there is never a moment that the spirit leaves us:) Which is our purpose here in this life, to progress and grow and become like Him so that we can live in His presence again for eternity:) How simple and how beautiful!!:)

LOve YOus All So much!! and I appreciate the prayers of everyone:) 
 ELder BLackham:)

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