Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 11, 2012 (Handwritten Letter)

The following is a series of questions to Bret and answers from him.  We hope you find them enlightening.

QUESTION:  Have you gotten any of the packages we sent?
Yes, I got the letters and the packages.  I got cinnamon rolls from the Maughan Cousins and they were amazing!!!! Yes, I shared.

QUESTION:  What about the third elder in your trio?I get along with my companions really well. The third one is from Kodiak, Alaska.  He is awesome.  His mom got Elder Tasene (the New Zealand Rugby player companion) and I Alaska shirts and stuff.  We get along so well and have so much fun together. 

QUESTION:  What is the choir like?The choir is so amazing and fun, I love it!  There are alot of pretty sister missionaries.  Don't worry, I don't get distracted.  I know why I am here.

QUESTION:  Please tell me some funny things that have happened to you since being in the MTC.
Where do I begin?  Every day is an adventure !!!  My companions and I even have the same bowel schedules.  We go in the stalls next to each other and we leave at the same time to be cool.  IDK, I will be sure to write something else I think of next week.

QUESTION:  What kind of exercise do you get to do there and how is it going?I work out on the gymnastic rings and run and exercise regularly.  I am skinnier, but more muscular.  IT IS SWEET!

QUESTION:  Is there anything you need before you leave for the Philippines?
I can't think of anything.  I just need your love.

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