Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

The mission gets better every day. They are really hard but are so sweet!!! I am learning so much about others and love and light and wow I just... am so blessed.

 I am almost done reading Our Search for Happiness which is a wonderful book:) I love the plan of salvation so much and I just wish I could do more. I feel like I should be doing more and my heart is weighed down because of the decisions of others and the wickedness of the world. I feel like I should be better, I know that according to faith we are blessed but I feel like more should happen in that case because I believe we can do so much. These people could just.... be so happy if they would just follow the commandments, read their scriptures, pray and such. Why is it so hard? 

The blessings are so much greater than the effort, they are 100,000,000 fold the effort needed, actually, infinitely because these are the decisions that affect eternity. I see their kids just waiting and needing to be reared in an eternal loving family. I picture what they could be and I feel joy and hope but then comes the pain. I am teaching about 4 families and 5 people on their own. Most of these are in-actives. The others are referrals and hopefully we get 4 new referrals this week.

 As far as the language goes I have a long way to go but at least I can pray, teach, and testify. I really feel that understanding them at all is a gift from God. I write down what I feel they are saying even though I can't understand them and it is always right!! The Lord has blessed me so much. Most people can speak a little bit of English but not enough to mean anything.

Thanks for all the letters!

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