Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25, 2013

I am not doing bad at all; super great actually better than I have ever been:)  I don't think I lost weight but I don't have a scale, just still all muscle haha jokes:)

Some stories are that we got chased by dogs down a long alley and it was hilarious and awesome! My comp sprained his wrist.  We found a new area in our area and got pictures inside of a brand new Ferrari thing car. Those are the random things.  I could right a ton more but on average every week is a very exciting adventure. 

Just to inform you more on my area; half of my area is squatters area and the other half is sky scrapers and subdivisions. We usually walk or take jeepnees to get every where. My area is like 8 or 9 square miles so its pretty large and there are just tons and tons of people everywhere. You can't whisper without someone hearing your conversation haha. I have seen penthouses and taught in them and also dirt floors with no bed, no chairs and in a dark alley or just everywhere haha.  I dont think I lost weight but I dont have a scale, just still all muscle haha jokes:)

I can't wait to get the music you sent because right now I am just singing all the time everywhere:)  Transfers are this week and I am going to stay another transfer in my first area, which was surprising and not surprising at the same time because I wanted either one and I knew I would love it either way!!:) I am getting a new comp, I have learned more than I could ever dream from my last comp, probably because before my last comp. I prayed to get a comp I would learn the most I possibly could as soon as I could so I could be a better instrument. I am so excited every new week to grow and to serve the Lord more and with more vigor and love:) Tagalog is going really well many people I talk to ask me how long it took for me to become fluent haha but they are wrong I am far from fluent but I know that God gives me just enough to do His work in His way:) 

This week the biggest thing I learned about was accountability. I learned even more about agency and opposition in all things. It is frustrating sometimes when you are out talking to everyone and almost everyone you meet says there are no bad. Everything is good, there is one God and that's all I need to know. Every religion is good it doesn't matter. These are actually very appealing things to the natural man. Things that everyone wishes to believe naturally but in the end they could not be more wrong. That is exactly what satan wants us to think, that there is no consequence for sin and that wide is the gate. But to say that would be to say that God is not a just God if everyone gets into heaven there is no Hell and that means there is also no heaven and there would be no point to our creation. For every single sin we ever commit we become further from God and only the atonement of Jesus Christ can bring us back. If there was no punishment for sin and everything was okay and it didn't matter and they were all right then there would be no need for the atonement, no need for Christ. 

I hope people see that there must needs be opposition in all thing or else there is no choice there is no purpose. I realize more as a missionary how I must be bold, I must say there is a darkness and I must tell them how to find the light. I must teach so clearly that they can make the right choice and find peace and joy in this life and eternal life in the next. I invite them to use the atonement find out how to do so and receive all the blessings that God wishes to give us in this life and the next. That is not to say other churches aren't good and don't help people in their life and path but there really is one with the whole truth, to  receive all that God wants to give us:) and that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not everyone in the church will make it back to God's presence but it does give all of us the opportunity to come to know all the truths of God so that we can make the right choice, and accept all that God wishes to give us:) In the name of Jesus Christ Amen:) 

ELder Blackham

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