Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 28, 2013

The stomach is doing fine, I don't have diarrhea. I am just takin pills so idk, I will probably get better, I cant see why not:)
This week I have been given the opportunity to hear from Elder Packer and Elder Nielson of the 1st quorum of the 70.  Elder Packer is president packers son and Elder Nielson he is the area authority over here:) It was amazing and incredible, the spirit taught me many things as they spoke in which I am so very grateful:) They were very personal things, and I felt that they were there just for me haha, even though I know they werent, the spirit was talking to me personally.  I love the Holy Ghost so much, He is so amazing:) I wrote a song to Him this week and not gonna lie its a pretty awesome song, if I had brought it with me I would have wrote it down in this e-mail, but next e-mail na lang. Sayang, haha. They spoke of culture and how there is a culture in many countries and about there being a culture to the spirit. As we live our lives there are things that push the spirit away or bring him closer, and as we pay attention to those things we will learn the culture of the spirit and the maner and way we must act and speak and treat one another in order to have the spirit as our sacred friend and constant companion. He is very sensitive but very powerfull. As we feel Him our fears our gone, we are given strength beyond our own, we are cleansed and purified and made more fit for the Kingdom of God, our ability to feel the spirit is our ability to be in Gods presence:) IN the song I wrote I called it "The Sacred Friend" I poured my heart out about my relationship and desire to have this sacred friend with me:) I feel so grateful when I do feel His presence that I am worthy and clean enough to have him hang out with me, I want Him to be so comfortable with me that he will never want to leave:) 

This week we found a family to teach:) and I am so...... excited!!!! Families are the best!!
Another thing that was said in the talks I heard was about how, "You get what your lookin for". In the days of the early restored church Brigham Young told missionaries in England to baptize stain glass window makers so that they could do windows for the temple, and they did haha. Here they are asking us to get priesthood holders that own cars so they can drive people to Church, and establish His kingdom. They need us to find leaders. It sounds crazy but I think its so cool, that we can search for specific people and find them and be led to them by the Lord:) If I search for families I will find them :) After reading the Other Elder Blackham's finding experience I realize we are in very different areas in the Philippines and that we are very different people, he writes a lot more stories, I most write summaries and what I generally learn from them haha. If you would like me to include more stories I can:) Its so funny he is in Farm areas and I am next to sky scrapers and its bumper to bumper traffic with graffiti every where and stuff here haha. It has its own kinda beauty though and I am so grateful I am where there are more population because that means more people I can talk to and teach!!!:) Any ways life is the pinaka best here:)!!! Whats cool also about the spirit is he makes everything you do an absolute blast!! You don't fear anything and you are always a better you with the spirit. :) I love you!!!
Love, Elder Blackham  

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