Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 21, 2013

I got letters this week from Dear Elder, anyone who sends dear elder, just to let them know it does get to me and I am grateful:) 

So this week I have been pretty sick, we were on splits and I was taken to this families house and I was pretty sick.  They layed me down on this wooden bench and gave me a pillow, then they anointed my head with their oil and also my feet and treated me like a king, I was so blessed by them, and learned a great lesson from this family about charity. They then cooked and fed me and I was just amazed at their love. They gave me the best of all they could, I know its not a lot as far as the world goes but it was all they had and wow, I am just so grateful for them it touched my heart to the center:) 

We had a vietnamese person show up to church he doesn't speak Tagolog and his English is less than a two year old child, but he just smiles super huge to everything. It will be interesting to teach him, I am requesting a Vietnamese dictionary and Book of Mormon so that we can teach him:) 

Also another investigator showed up to church, his name is Omar and he is awesome, I see him being a great Father some day, he is listening because of how much he heard the gospel blesses families even though he is 21 and doesn't have a family of his own yet. We taught him the restoration and he was really receptive, the spirit was so strong while we were there. I have been reading about Abinadi in the Book of Mormon and I am so amazed at how he layed out such beautiful and simple doctrine about the plan of salvation and the atonement, no other book has this amazing doctrine about Jesus Christ:)

I am understanding the language a lot more, there was a rap Tagolog song on the radio on a Jeepnee and it was going super fast and I understood it all, and I am able to engage anyone in conversation now and its super fun, Gods children truly are amazing, and its such a blessing that every day of my life can be about them:) I am learning so much about satan and the things he does to try to prevent me from being the best I can, if he can just get me to not open my mouth about this truth then he has succeeded, I love to just prove him wrong and rise up and whenever I have a thought that I can't or something, I just simply do it anyways to prove him wrong and be the best I can, it makes it kinda fun :) I love this work:) Shall we not go on in such a great cause?
Love, Elder Blackham

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