Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 28, 2013

So basically I have been sick this whole last week and its been a total bummer but I learned a lot and have read and studied a lot. The day I was able to go out was the most beautiful day ever!!!!! I am just so amazed about how important this work is. I read about Abinadi and the apostles and I was reading Jesus the Christ and just everything was screaming out that nothing else really matters but the Gospel.  There is nothing more valuable and more precious or more beautiful. When people say I am too busy to listen, if it wasn't rude, I would say back, "This is eternal life, this is a forever family, no matter what you are doing now no matter what you're thinking; the message we have to share is more valuable than it all, this message is for you and we are the ministers to bring unto you salvation, is that not worth your time?" But that's rude and unless the spirit prompts me to I am not going to be over bearing, and that would be overbearing especially in this culture. But I just wish people would understand, and just open up and hear and let the spirit touch their lives. I wish I could speak with the tongue of angels, I can when the Lord permits through my faith but it is a very foreign thing to me naturally to do so. Basically what I learned this week is even more the importance of this work and a new-found deeper and more powerful conviction and desire to teach and share the gospel:) I feel the spirit enter my heart as I go out without doubt or fear and just go:) Its so amazing!! I love the answers to prayer, I love that I can communicate with God:) Its something so amazing that the King and Creator of all takes time to talk to me personally and every one of us really:) The gospel is for everyone and yet it is so personally powerful to each individual person. It is the power the answer to every problem every heart ache every sin, and is life eternal, and I get to give it to people:) WOW now that's awesome:)

Oh and yea there are tons of mangoes here and they are the best tasting things in the world, I miss milk more than anything but Its all good:)
Elder Blackham

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